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Easily manage your conversations across every channel

Whether customers engage with you via your webpage or social media platforms, you can easily manage your conversations to stay connected to your customers.

Link up Ralli with your website and social media accounts

You can set up the Ralli plugin for customers to chat with you on your own website. You can also link up with your Facebook Page to handle messages to your page via Ralli.

The Ralli chat plugin

Categorize and assign your conversations

You can utilize categories to assign conversations to different users within your organization so that customers are talking to the person who can best answer their question.

Keep an eye over your business with conversation statistics

The Ralli dashboard

All the features you need

Chat plugin for your website

Easily add our chat plugin to your website, so you can handle any query your customers may have.

Reply to your customers even after they’ve left your website

If you can’t get back to your customers immediately and they leave your website, when you reply at a later time, we’ll send the message to them in an email so that they can continue the conversation with you.

Integrate with your Facebook page

You can add Ralli to your business Facebook page, so that your team can handle Facebook conversations from right inside Ralli.

Customers can tell you who they want to talk to

You can setup categories on Ralli that a customer can choose from when they start a conversation with your business. You can then assign people from your team to these different categories so that when a customer chooses a category, they are automatically assigned to the right people.

iOS and Android apps to chat with customers on the go

With our Ralli mobile apps, you can easily answer questions or chat with customers at any time, anywhere.

Simple, no-fuss pricing

Check out our pricing page to see our simple monthly pricing. We don’t charge per conversation or any of those kinds of annoying billing structures. Just 1 flat monthly charge.

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